2006  HHS Orlando  Luncheon- January 28, 2006
The second annual Florida luncheon for Hagerstonians was held on Saturday, January 28, 2006, at the Rolling Hills Golf Club in Longwood, Florida, near Orlando.  The gathering was hosted by M.F. Kershner (Longwood) and Eddie Murfin (Jacksonville), long-time Florida residents, members of the Hagerstown High School class of 1953 .  A good time was had by all, as many stories were shared and lots of pictures (past and present) were looked at and some fun quiet guessing games were played.  Many were shocked at how old their classmates were and how old class "rowdies" had made good (the worst in one class was found shockingly to be a retired church bishop).

Classes of Hagerstown High School and North and South High Schools represented were: 1946 (1), 1949 (2), 1950 (6), 1951 (1), 1952 (11), 1953 (21), 1954 (6), 1955 (6), 1956 (9), 1957 (4), 1958 (3), 1960 (1).   There was one attending from St. Marys High School also.  In addition, there were 20 significant others attending who were not from Hagerstown schools.  Enjoy the photos-
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