Some great old photos from Shirley (Lumm) Erdmanis. Junior High, including Safety Patrol trip to D.C. Thanks, Shirley
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shirl1.jpg (122026 bytes) Donnie Bowman,Donnie Butts,
Charlie Kern,Jack Brining,
Marty Geyer,?,?SharonAmbrose,
Rosalie Daley,Sandra Bowman,
Becky Clopper,Shirley Lumm,?,
Barbara Moser,Barbara Snook
shirl2.jpg (148817 bytes) Barbara Moser
Shirley Lumm
shirl3.jpg (98860 bytes) Shirley Lumm
Kenny Spielman
shirl4.jpg (100973 bytes) Shirley Lumm
Kay Marshall
shirl5.jpg (66116 bytes) Patsy Masters

(at Cowans Gap)

shirl6.jpg (96723 bytes) Kenny Spielman
Shirley Lumm
shirl7.jpg (155170 bytes) Wayne Cunningham, Marty Geyer,
Mickey McKee,Bunky Nuckles,
Paul Mowan, Jack Brining
(at South Potomac Jr High)
shirl8.jpg (74717 bytes) Bobbette Archer,
Glenda Trace,
Joyce Sheppard,
(At Shirley Lumm's)
shirl9.jpg (112853 bytes) Terry Fields, Shirley Lumm
(at South Potomac Jr High)

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