Here are some Old Photos submitted by classmates. Do you have some you would like to share? Send an e-mail to Saul, and he will contact you for submitting the picture(s).(will return all photos ASAP)

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Latest additions - South Potomac Jr & Safety Patrol @ D.C. photos from Shirley (Lumm) Erdmanis-posted 9/30/01; Junior High Prom & Elementary pics from Ruth (Ditto) Falcone-posted 9/28/01; Fountaindale Elem, Sixth Grade (1950) from Chris Maugans (posted August, 2001); Lincoln Elementary, Second Grade(1945?) from Bill Poffenberger (posted August, 2001)

Shirley (Lumm)
Erdmanis photos
of D.C. Safety Patrol Parade & Junior
High  (click on photo)
shirl1.jpg (122026 bytes) Check out Photos from Ruth (Ditto) Falcone 
Full page of photos (click on Jr High Prom pic)--->
(some names,  but
others are evident)
ruth11.jpg (70342 bytes)
Fountaindale Elem.
6th Grade (1950?)
fountdal.jpg (92566 bytes) Lincoln Elementary
Second Grade---->
lincelem2.jpg (98818 bytes)
Broadway Elem.
Grade 6 ? ---------->
ediehhs1.jpg (8504 bytes)              Art trip
ediehhs2.jpg (4355 bytes)
Woodland Way Jr
Grade 7
Nov. 1950  ---->
woodl7.jpg (128705 bytes) Woodland Way Jr
Grade 9 
Sept 1952  ---->
woodl9.jpg (135374 bytes) January, 1949
Surrey Elem
Article (below)
HHS Band
October 1953
Halloween Parade->
(7:55 or 10:40PM?! )
band53.jpg (91267 bytes) HHS Band
October 1955
Halloween Parade->
band55.jpg (110869 bytes) 1949surrey.jpg (44501 bytes)
He- 6 foot 2, 180 lbs
She- 21 inch waist
9th Grade Prom
prom.jpg (46135 bytes) Little girls
on South
Summit Ave
(names below)
donna2.jpg (40459 bytes) girlgrads.jpg (85415 bytes)
Fashion Article
Little Boys
and their
Bird feeders

(names below)
donna1.jpg (28239 bytes) The Hall


donna3.jpg (11017 bytes) annapolis.JPG (123447 bytes)
Mine's bigger
than yours!
(Fall '56)
Check the '57 Merc
esfla56.jpg (15954 bytes) Surrey St. Elem
from Donna
Hein - 4th or
5th grade??
donna21a.jpg (117473 bytes) donna22a.jpg (108087 bytes)

Fountaindale Elementary - Top row- John Martin, Chris Maugans, Arthur Sheets, Nancy Shilling, Ronald Shank; 2nd row- Mary Jean Griffith, Bobby Chronister, TEACHER Mildred Vance, Jack Seville, Jean Shatzer; 3rd row- Jerry Thompson, Allon Biberman; 4th row- Mary Ann Shry, Garry Kaufman, Ronald Hauber, Bunny Vance, Joel Biberman, Sue Rumbaugh. Thanks again, Chris.
Lincoln Elementary -
second grade class at Lincoln Elementary School. Some of those shown are: (To the best of Bill's recollection) Top row: Shirley Breadth, Becky Clopper, Bob Baker, Margaret Waddy, Alice Rice, George Hunt, Jean Blickenstaff, Connie Frye, Bill Poffenberger, Evelyn Diebert, Sandra Bowman. Middle row: Wayne Grossnickle, Bobby Lewis, Leon Thomas, Unknown, Unknown, Rebecca Cullers, Mick Eisminger, Donna Stewart, Sonny Norris?, Unknown, Unknown. Bottom Row: Freddie Miner, Jerry Huggins, Jack Nichols, Unknown, Harold Purdam, Herbie Schlotterbeck, Helen Myerly, Bonnie Bagunier, Nancy Godlove. Spelling of names could be wrong. - Thanks Bill
Broadway Elem - from top-
Carol Rawe, Bobbette Archer, Mary Alice Snively, Phyllis  ?, Diana Wyand, Freddie Wright
Art Trip- from left- Barbara Barnfather, Alice Ann Linday, Sandra Campbell, Ginny Hamm, Phyllis Thorton? Thanks Edie.
Woodland Way Grade 7- From Top left -
Joan ?, Kenneth Eversole, Carolyn Quick, Peter Daniels, Phyliss Beard, Jack Hoser, Faith Ann Summers;
Howard Cost, Annita Hatfield, ?, Miss Wisner, Earl Hart, Sandra Campbell, Robert Monniger?;
Chris Maugans, Gerald Taylor,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sarah Dewey, Jerry Thompson;
Fred Wright, Margaret Brish, Richard Miller Patsy Showe, Russel Fenner, Suzanne Fridinger, ?;
Sonja Berger, ?, Adelade Nabe, George Barton, Mary Louise Shoop, Jack Carriday, Shelva Bingaman

Woodland Way Grade 9 - From Top left -
Edie Solliday, Delores Breeden, Bill Byers, ?, Carl Julian, Elizabeth Belew,  Diana Wyand;
Bev Bragunier, Alice Adams, Alfred Bendell, Lorna Tydon, Judy Coffman, Arthur Sheets, Bobbette Archer, Linda Rinehart;
Ronald Hauber, June Priest,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Mary Kathryn Vance, Ed Seese;
Mary Alice Snively, Sarah Dewey, John Slocum, Margaret Brish, Mary Ann Shry,meritt Bagley, Chris Maugans, Pat Peck;
Carolyn Angle, Suzanne Fridinger, Virginia Hamm, Jim Hill, Carol Rawe, Fran Trager, Kay Lowe - Thanks for the Old photos  Chris

January, 1949 - Saul Klein is second from left, Wayne Lippy is at far right - others??? Article is from the Herald-Mail Newspapers at that time.

9th Grade prom Couple-
Ruth Ditto, Dick Wade...thanks Ruth.

Little Girls- Shirley Lillard, Babara Snook, Dona Spickler, Sharon Ambrose, Donna Hein,  Judy Myers, Barbara Moser, Sandra Nichols, Kathryn Vance, and Donna Murray -(boys are cousins of Donna Hein...Thanks, Donna, and heard that was a wonderful Happy Birthday Party..(10th-11th?)

Little boys- back row- Eddie Palmer, Dick Wade, Wayne Lippy;  front row - Marty Geyer, Jack Brining...thanks to Donna Hein

Hall Stalker- William "Wild Bill" Parkins...thanks to Donna Hein

Bigger-  Eddie Penn & Saul Klein (in Florida)

Surrey St. Elem- From Donna: "Two more pictures. I'll name the ones I recognize, you guess the rest. This was taken at a Christmas Musical about the 4th or 5th grade, I believe. Bottom row, l to r: Sandy Snyder, Joyce Shepard, Kay Marshall??-
?, Barbara Snook, Saundra Nichols, Eddie Basore-
Shirley Lumm, Sylvia Longnecker, Shirley Lillard, Gerry Doyle-
?,?, Harry Wagaman,?-
?, me,?, Terry Cuminskey
?, John Prinz, Doris Barkdoll, William ?-
-I see Sharon Ambrose behind Doris Barkdoll and Flo Campbell up topwards the top, near the middle. Do you recognize any more?

The other picture was of course outside, maybe May Day or something like that. I'm second from left, first row. You guess the rest."

Thanks again Donna. 

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